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Nov 29, 2012 6:00am EST
a few introductory comments on the china relationship in general. may i first thank john thornton for your vision and support for the center and parking than the leadership you provide. and an extraordinary scholar, and every utterance and every monogram you put out is red and scrutinized by everybody. i just know somebody on the chinese side who write about candidates who run for the presidency. i would like to find that president the way you provide meticulous detail on the leadership in china. thank you for that. hue fong, you are an extraordinary human being. we are excited to be in your company, your courageous and outspoken and thoughtful and insightful and i am reminded of a chinese phrase standing before you, that -- [speaking chinese] -- the analogy would be something winston churchill said during his life which is some things you never do in life. you never kissed a person who is leaning away from you, never climb a hill that is leaning toward you and you never speak to a group of people who know a lot more about the subject matter than you do and there is no one more di
Dec 5, 2012 7:30am EST
. john redwood. >> being sensible about money and credit to feel the private sector recovery has the chancellor update us on when rbs may be in a position to increase the balance sheet to make the phones available, when it might start to make a profit for the taxpayer and when -- when you consider the comment of those of us who think he does need to be split up to have more plentiful banking? >> again, i very much respect my right honorable friend's observations on the problems in our banking system. there is an aggressive plan to reduce the bad bank elements of rbs. that plan is on track. but as i said to this house earlier i wanted to proceed -- see more done and rbs is reducing the size by considerably of its investment bank. and, of course, it's also had advice recently from the financial policy committee. had to take that advice into account. >> mr. speaker, if i understood the chancellor correctly, the profile of rising growth in announce today looks remarkably similar to the same profile be announced in 2010 which failed to materialize. that, of course, is one of the reaso
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
% of our push john the character would have taken place without iranian supply, iranian support. and, in fact, the ethnic minorities of iran are located most in the border areas of iran. so it affects a broad relationship with a number of neighboring states, with pakistan, with turkey, with turkmenistan, with iraq because there's co-ethnic on each side of the border for which is meant for the states that iran's neighbors. many of the top leaders of iran actually ethnic azerbaijani. khamenei is from azerbaijan northwest iran. the head of the green movement is also ethnic, and despite the integration of azerbaijani into the leadership of iran, all these done for you minorities are not allowed to use the language in schools that do not allow to use it in court. and the azerbaijani among them a third of the publishing and women going into trust and courts in persian and not understand even what's happening in the courtside. the ethic lenders have a variety towards tehran, towards the state. most of the iranian azerbaijanis i was today seem so the citizens of iran but would like a place a
Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
into the record statements by senator mikulski and representative peter king, rosa delauro, john brennan and frank. i'm happy with been joined by representative smith, and we will in this order continue, and i want to say for those who just came, we are making a record, sort of an eyewitness account of what happened. and we are also using your testimony as way to guide us. so the order now is engel, grimm, courtney. all right? so congressman dingell, the floor is yours. >> thank you, madam chair tiffany's it's nice to see graduates from house as well innocent. thank you for having us spent idle if i graduated. i left. >> as you know, i've represent new york's 17th congressional district which includes parts of the bronx as well as rest just are just north of new york city. sandy is the largest tropical system ever recorded in the atlantic. the winds stretched 1100 miles in two in and she was brutal from the very beginning. sandy killed at least 69 people in the caribbean, including 54 in haiti and 11 into the. she crashed ashore in the united states. at the time to spend sandy had taken 131 americ
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am EST
command authority when called. does that answer your question? okay. >> please. >> sir, john. >> -- we heard about the number of troops that we might need in afghanistan come 2015 and, obviously, there's a lot of discussion on that particular topic these days. but there's a question that goes along with that which people don't seem to be addressing, at least as straightforwardly, which is how long do you think we will need to have a force presence in afghanistan to accomplish what it is that we want to accomplish there? >> great question. i will tell you up front, i'm not qualified to answer that. i really am not. what i've done in my -- and i told dr. kagan, i'm perpetrating intellectual fraud by being a fellow at stanford. but if they're going to make me do research, what i have concluded looking at nato documents and others is nato leadership is already talking about a transition decade. i'm not quite sure what that means, i don't know if that means 2014-2017, i've seen that number. i personally think the time is less important than the conditions -- as a military guy -- conditions
Dec 1, 2012 2:00am EST
struggling to keep the prarption rates going forward. football is one of them. that's where we stand. >> john butler. i didn't see you there. i'm sorry -- it [inaudible] >> yeah. i apologize. you have been holding the card up. what would you like to say? [inaudible] scott mentioned, we have knock against flag football. we have offered flag football i don't know when flak football started probably the early 1980s,ed at least if not earlier, but to scott's point no matter how we promote it. we never get over 950 team versus 7500 tackle football teams. it's not a matter of promoting one or the other. that's what people sign up for. i can tell you the fastest growing divisions are the young two youngest divisions. we believe very strongly in education. we certainly, as -- we put put in arbitrary rules this year, we needed a starting point. we need to know going forward whether we need to adjust the rules further or create new rules as new research indicates appropriate. i have been asked a number of times over the last couple of years why don't they do away with tackle football and only offer fla
Nov 29, 2012 2:00am EST
fellow republicans in the room to quote john mccain it's always darkest before it's completely black. but as we look at this election, there's a couple of things that i think are astounding to focus on. the last presidential candidate who achieved 60% of the white vote in the country was bush and he received over 400 electoral votes 24 years ago. in the 2004 bush campaign we received 44% of the latino vote in the electorate. we were having discussions in the white house in 2005 that we were within the territory that we were able to get to majority status with latino voters in the country. and if you look at the election results where mitt romney is below 30%, you can really see the republican's party deliberate strategy to annual nies paying off. and so when we look at as a party and we look at the demographic changes in the country in the west but also give consideration to the fact that some of the fastest growing latino states are north carolina and ohio and not necessarily the southwest border states and states in the rocky mountain west. we also have to look in this election at
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7